Limited Access

Festival History
Founded in early 2007, Limited Access, International Festival of Video, Sound and Performance celebrates its 6th year-anniversary in January 2013 at Aaran gallery .

The Tehran based Festival, naturally evolved from Parkingallery’s Video Archive, an ongoing project documenting the diverse and fragmented new media scene both in Iran and abroad since 2004.  Limited Access collaborates with individuals, collectives and archive projects across the globe. The collaboration history in previous editions of the festival involves Reloading Images (Berlin), SCCA (Ljubljana), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo) and Studio Strike (London). Beside the Festival have had the pleasure to work with various guest curators over the years to name a few: Miha Colner & Ida Hirsenfelder (SCCA – Ljubljana), Sarah Rifkey (Townhouse Gallery Cairo), Rozita Sharafjahan ( Azad Gallery – Tehran ), Bita Razavi ( Helsinki ) and Shirin Sabahi ( Stockholm ).

Limited Access Team (Fourth Edition)
Festival Director:
Amirali Ghasemi ( Parkingallery Projects – Tehran )